Breakfast Menu

  méli-mélo breakfast


   Croissant $3.00

   Pain au Chocolat $3.00

   Pain aux Raisins $3.00


   Red Fruit Jam $2.00

   Maple Syrup $2.00

   Nutella $2.00

   Chocolate Sauce $2.00


   Organic eggs   served with a mesculan salad, homemade dressing and toasted baguette

   CLASSIQUE $9.00

   Swiss cheese

   complete $10.00

   Ham and Swiss cheese

   Pesto $9.50

   Basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil

   Fresh herbs $9.00

   Scallion and chive

   Sopressata $12.00

   Sicilian $12.00

   Ratatouille and Parma ham

   Creole $10.00

   Roasted Onion, Red & Green Peppers

   Smoked salmon $12.00

   Daikon and chive sauce

   Shrimp $12.00

   White egg $12.00

   Spinach and goat cheese

   Choice of Cheese $3.00 EACH

   Brie, goat cheese, mozzarella, Roquefort, Swiss

   Choice of Meat $ 4.00 each

   prosciutto di Parma, sopressata, chicken, crab meat, tuna, (Ham $4.00)

   Choice of Vegetable $2.50 EACH

   Artichoke, asparagus, ratatouille, roasted onion

   Choice of Vegetable $1.50 EACH

   corn, scallion, tomato, sundried tomato


   Plain organic homemade yogurt $2.25

   - With granola                              $7.50

   - With granola and fresh fruits     $9.50

   Bowl of fresh fruits $6.50

   Ham and cheese croissant $8.50

   Organic scrambled eggs (two eggs) $5.00

   Our granola is homemade Oat, coconut, raisin, apricot, sunflower seed, almond, craNberry, honey, maple syrup

   Our Yogurt is HomeMade, plain and organic

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